For what conditons?

Conditions Buteyko can help you with

All cells in our organs and tissues need oxygen in order to make the body function well. This oxygen is provided by our breathing system. When the breathing is distorted this has a negative effect on the release of oxigen to the cells which leads to physical and or mental health issues.

Many ten thousands of people have been able to improve their health and well-being with the Buteyko method. Some people manage to control their symptoms quite rapidly, but most of us need to practice for a longer time. Either way, everyone feels better when breathing more calm and relaxed.

What is troubling you?

Our breathing is connected with almost every other system in our body, among which the cardiovasculair system, the osmoregulatory system, the nervous system, the thermoregulatory system and the immune system. Because of this, people can benefit in different ways from applying the Buteyko method.

Buteyko breathing asthma


Buteyko breathing snoring sleep apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea

Buteyko breathing insomnia


Buteyko breathing stress anxiety panic

Stress, anxiety and panic

Buteyko breathing high blood pressure

High blood pressure

Buteyko breathing COPD


Buteyko breathing chronic pain

Chronic pain

Buteyko children mouth breathing

Mouth breathing in children

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