Learning Buteyko

We offer three programs from which you can chose. For adults, the meetings can be held live or online.

Complete program: This program is well advised if you have a medical condition. You will learn the entire Buteyko method, we have an extensive intake, and you get personal guidance and aftercare.

Basic program: If you only have a mild issue, you can also choose this program. You will learn the basics (exercises) of the Buteyko method, we have a shorter intake and you get less guidance compared to the Complete program.

Children and teenagers follow a special program and learn exercises that are specifically suitable for them. All sessions take place at our office.

Buteyko breathing relaxation

What courses are possible?


In case of a MEDICAL condition and the full program is needed

The Complete program consists of 5 to 6 consultations in which you learn the entire Buteyko method.

€ 450

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Buteyko BASIC

In case of a MILD issue and a limited program is possible

The Basic program consists of 3 consultations in which you learn the basics (exercises) of the Buteyko method.

€ 255

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Buteyko for CHILDREN

For children from 6 to 18 years. Accompanied by parent (up to 16 years)

Buteyko for children

The Children’s program consists of 3 consultations in which the child learns appropriate exercises for him/her.

€ 255

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Hello, I am Lisa Suurland

Buteyko therapist, Registered therapist BCZ®

“One of my services as a registered therapist is offering the Buteyko course. I am affiliated with Buteyko Therapeuten Nederland, Vereniging Integrale Vitaliteitkunde and RBCZ. Therefore, my consultations are often (partial) reimbursed by Dutch health insurers. Maybe you ask yourself whether the Buteyko method can help you. Feel free to contact us by calling or filling in the form below. I will call or email you without obligation to answer your question.”

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