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Relaxed breathing is more than feeling calm and peaceful. It is of great importance for your health, sleep and vitality.

A healthy breathing pattern is light and regular at rest, and breathing is effortlessly through the nose. Likewise, activities such as walking and cycling are also possible with nasal breathing. But maybe that is different with you. You may breathe quickly, sigh or yawn often, be quickly out of breath or tired, or suffer from (vague) hyperventilation symptoms. If that is what happens, your breathing is disordered and you will benefit greatly from the Buteyko method.

About Buteyko
Buteyko breathing course

Why learn the Buteyko method?

The aim of  Buteyko is to restore nasal breathing and normal, functional breathing patterns.

To achieve this, you do a number of breathing exercises every day for about three months, and sometimes longer.  With daily practice you train the body to breathe more calmly. This will improve blood circulation, the functioning of the airways and the release of oxygen to tissues and organs. Beside practicing, we take a look at factors that can negatively affect our breathing, such as stress, what we eat and drink, exercising too little or talking a lot. Here too, adjustments are possible to start breathing healthy again.

What does the Buteyko course entail?

During the course you learn how to do Buteyko exercises with which you will start to breathe lighter and more relaxed.

At home you will be working on your training program for a couple of months.  However, within a few weeks you may already start noticing improvements. Here’s what to expect:

  • Intake and personal guidance
  • Education regarding the physiology of breathing
  • Learning to do the exercises well, tailored to your health and living situation
  • Exercises and advice for sleeping, exercising, nutrition and talking
  • Course materials: course book, timer, tape and salt
Learning Buteyko

The courses we offer


In case of a MEDICAL condition and the full program is needed

€ 450

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Buteyko BASIC

In case of a MILD issue and a limited program is possible

€ 255

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Buteyko for CHILDREN

For children from 6 to 18 years. Accompanied by parent (up to 16 years)

Buteyko for children

€ 255

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Conditions Buteyko can help you with

Buteyko breathing asthma


Buteyko breathing snoring sleep apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea

Buteyko breathing stress anxiety panic

Stress, anxiety and panic

All conditions

Hello, I am Lisa Suurland

Registered therapist BCZ®, Buteyko coach

“I run a private therapy practice in the Netherlands and adding the Buteyko course to my services in 2018 has been benificial for many clients. I am a member of Buteyko Therapeuten Nederland, Vereniging Integrale Vitaliteitkunde and RBCZ. My consultations are often (partially) reimbursed by the Dutch health insurance. Maybe you ask yourself whether the Buteyko method can help you. Feel free to contact us by telephone or by filling in the form below. I will call or email you soon to answer your question.”

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