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A few months ago, I decided to start with Buteyko, which was recommended to me by a friend who had gotten rid of his asthma symptoms. Although I am also familiar with respiratory problems, I mainly hoped to find a solution for my snoring. Which I don’t mind, but my husband does. To my surprise, taping my mouth to keep it closed turned out to significantly reduce the number of decibels, and I slept like a rose. I am now trying to tackle other health issues with this breathing therapy, and to lower my stress level, among other things. I think it’s quite a tough therapy because you have to incorporate the exercises into your daily life in some way. Sometimes, that is a challenge, but fortunately Lisa has useful tips. I am very happy that I have started with Buteyko. Lisa is an excellent therapist who explains the exercises and the ideas behind the therapy well and also keeps an eye on the practical application in your life. As a result, objectives remain realistic.

Trudy, 6114 January 2022


As a COPD patient, I have been experiencing a chronic lack of breath for many years. Lately that feeling of shortness of breath seemed to increase. When doing sports I noticed that my performance was deteriorating and I had more trouble controlling my breathing. Lisa, I know her from speed skating, alerted me to the Buteyko method. She immediately indicated she was not independent: “I have a practice in which I apply the method as a therapist”, she said. I started working with her and that’s the best thing I’ve done so far in 2021. The method is literally and figuratively a ‘breath of fresh air’. Although I have started quite recently, I already feel like I have regained control over my breathing. I experience the way Lisa gives her support as very pleasant. I recommend the method and Lisa as a coach to everyone, including the ‘completely healthy’ people who do not suffer from their lungs. Lisa thanks again!

Alex, 621 May 2021


Dear Lisa, I learned the Buteyko method with you a while ago. I’m only at the start of my experience, but I do expect a lot from it. Normally I was out of breath very quickly after walking up a slope, but by breathing more consciously I notice that it is easier. While I thought to get more air through my mouth, the opposite turns out to be true. I had a high heart rate with low blood pressure, but I notice that through the exercises my heart rate is going down instead of going up. Also when I am breathing in my upper chest, due to stress at work, I am increasingly aware of what my breathing does, and I can adjust it more and more often. I still have a long way to go, but I’m very happy with the techniques.

Mariëlle, 4828 April 2021


At the beginning of this year I attented the Buteyko course. I had been feeling tensed every single day, and I had a panic attack once every week. My feeling was that it was something physical. From the start of the course Lisa made me feel good, as she really made time to listen to my story. Daily practicing Buteyko does require planning and discipline, but once I managed to do so I really noticed the difference. In advance, I had never expected that breathing has such an effect on your body and mind. I am glad that – thanks to Lisa – I have learned strategies to deal with tension and stress.

Evi, 2410 February 2021


Dear Lisa, it’s been more than a year since I took the Buteyko course because of my heart condition: an irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation. I just want to let you know that I’m fine. I have no problems at all when wearing face masks, thanks to Buteyko!! The health checks in the hospital are very good: I have zero problems and my pacemaker only has to work for about one percent of the time! The pacemaker technician did not know the Buteyko method, but has become very interested. I haven’t taken any medication for my heart since last May. I’m fine. Just referred an acquaintance to you, I hope she’s coming.

Clara, 7210 February 2021


I started the course because of several symptoms of stress: poor sleep, hyperventilation and not being able to relax. After the intake interview with Lisa I immediately had a lot of confidence in the course. She explains everything clearly and makes time for you. The basic Buteyko exercise is nice and really makes me relax. Quite soon, I started sleeping much better and I no longer suffered from dizziness due to poor breathing. It takes a lot of time to do the exercises, it’s four times a day, but it’s also very nice to allow yourself these moments of relaxation. I will continu to do the exercises for quite some time.

Maxime, 279 June 2020


I started the Buteyko course in mid-March. From the first moment, it felt good. Lisa taught me a lot. I haven’t yet reached my goal, but I’m on the right track and I’m consistently doing my exercises. I came to Lisa after a sleep research which showed that I had 25 apnea per hour. I started using an MRA brace, but after several months sleeping with this brace my apnea had increased. Then I was given a CPAP device. From the start on it gave me a lot of trouble, and I couldn’t get used to it. In consultation with my doctor, I decided to look for a breathing therapy and I found  Buteyko. I’m not snoring anymore. Thank you, Lisa, for everything you’ve done for me.

Jolanda, 6224 April 2020


I finished the Buteyko course yesterday. Because of my chronic hyperventilation I had all kinds of symptoms such as palpitations, being out of breath quickly, lightheadedness, tensed neck and shoulder muscles, etc. Lisa has clearly explained how breathing works, what the importance of CO2 is for your body, and that it is not just a waste. Thanks to the different techniques to train reduced breathing, I already feel a lot better. There is still a lot of progress to be made in my CP, but it’s up to me to stay disciplined and do the exercises. I will continue them in the upcoming months and hope to have a morning CP of 30 around the summer. Lisa, thank you again.

Richard, 4730 March 2020


I’ve been receiving treatment from the cardiologist for years because of an irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation, I was given a pacemaker in 2013 and had to start taking beta blockers. In the past year, I’ve even been given heavier medication. I started with the Buteyko course in November and the effect is fantastic. After only four weeks, the cardiologist said I could take half of the medication. Of course, practicing requires some self-discipline, but it is also pleasant to do. In general, I feel fitter and, for example, now I walk up the stairs faster. I no longer suffer from dizziness even when playing tennis. Moreover, with a Buteyko exercise I immediately get my heart rate down. It’s nice to be in control of that.

Clara, 7117 January 2020


The year 2019 was a good year for me because numerous symptoms diminish due to the Buteyko breath therapy that I enjoyed with Lisa Suurland …. In 2020, what I learned from her will only deepen. Nice that since ‘Buteyko’ my energy has also increased :-). It takes some perseverance to sit down over and over again, but oh, ‘the reward’ is great.

Antoinette31 December 2019


I have a very busy job, and I am convinced that my chronic hyperventilation is the result of stress and wrong (‘high’) breathing. Lisa has taken me by the hand and explained all the steps I have to take with great patience. I am now much more aware of my breathing, and I also benefit from the exercises. Lisa is a very professional therapist with a calm and pleasant appearance, and she made me feel comfortable from the first moment. I went home relaxed after every meeting.

Ellen22 December 2019


I started the course at the end of May 2019. I had an intake interview first because I was quite hesitant about it. But Lisa was able to convince me, and that’s how I started. I have a moderate form of COPD. I am 73 years old but I the lungs of a 90-year-old. The course has given me more awareness about breathing, and I decided to be very careful about the alveoli that are still working. The course has made me more vital, I also sleep better, and I make sure I always keep my mouth closed during physical exercise. My COPD didn’t disappear, but I’m better at dealing with it. Thanks to Lisa for her empathy and dedication.

Jan, 7315 August 2019


I started doing the course because I wasn’t breathing properly. I was snoring terribly and breathing through my mouth. It is quite an experience that by learning to breathe well everything goes much better. I usually couldn’t fall asleep, but because of the course I now go to bed early, sleep well and don’t snore anymore. I wake up feeling better because I’m sleeping well now. It’s lovely to wake up refreshed. I recommend anyone who is very tired and can’t sleep to do the course. You’re really going to feel better. It did appeal to me that you can get rid of certain medications, too. My blood test also indicates good results after the course, so who knows, I may soon need fewer medications. And Lisa, thank you for the course and the good explanation. It’s easy to understand.

Esther, 582 August 2019


I took the Buteyko course in October 2018. The course has made me more aware of my breathing. And certainly also helped to improve my sleep. The average of my apnea still remains below 5, with the help of the CPAP device. I now feel even fitter than last year when I took the course with Lisa. The course certainly contributed to that.

Nancy, 5924 July 2019


I took the course with Lisa in April 2019 because I suffered from chronic hyperventilation. This caused tightness and cramping in the chest. Due to the special breathing exercises, the symptoms decreased significantly. I benefit greatly from these exercises, and it has certainly helped me to get rid of the chronic hyperventilation.

Monica, 468 July 2019


Because my asthma symptoms have increased a bit lately during cycling and mountain biking, especially at the start, I thought it would be a good idea to take a Buteyko course. I was hoping to get “more air” and breathe even deeper. Already at the free consultation and the first course meeting it turned out that it was exactly different from what I was thinking. I learned to keep breathing light and not to gasp as deep air as possible, in order to build up CO2. My Control pause got better fairly quickly because of the exercises. I breath noticeably less heavily, also when doing sports. In addition, I am much more conscious about how I breathe. My exercise-induced asthma is now considerably less, my breathing much lighter. However, after a few months my Control pause reached a level that was lower than I had hoped for. I hardly saw any improvement, so I stopped spending enough time doing the exercises. Still, I do some basic exercises and sleep with my mouth taped.

Jos, 636 July 2019


To reduce symptoms such as dizziness and stress, I started doing the course. The explanation and the theory was made very clear, and I was happy that I could do something for health with specific exercises. When I start the day with an exercise, I feel more relaxed throughout the day. I just start the day differently. Also, I am no longer dizzy and no longer afraid of getting dizzy. And even if do get a bit lightheaded  (e.g. after a lot of talking), then I am able to control my breathing. So I don’t panic anymore. I’m doing an exercise (breathing lighter) and then that light feeling in my head pulls disappears. I can also apply the exercises while running.

Simone, 563 July 2019


I approached Lisa because my son has been breathing irregular since birth. Lisa has explained to us what happens the way he breathes, and what we can achieve if he learns the Buteyko technique. Lisa really made time for us to explain the matter to us and keep a 9-year-old child fascinated with breathing exercises. The exercises are quite intensive. But because my son understands what they do for him, he does the exercises. An extra incentive is a better performance in football:). The technique is not difficult but the training program is intensive. Lisa knows how to explain the technique clearly and makes time for you. We are also very happy with Lisa’s flexibility and after-care.

Amal, 928 June 2019


I took the course in December 2018 because of a feeling of tightness while breathing and poor sleeping due to stress. Everything is explained well and quietly. Practicing at home turns out to be more difficult. Good and nice guidance. Lisa’s really makes time for you. Things are a lot better right now. Breathing is better controlled. And when it’s not, I know how to calm my breathing. Whether you should take the course really depends on the person you are and the personal situation. I had expected that it would work better and I would master it more easily. But because of a busy family situation I didn’t have time to keep practicing. It has been of great benefit to me. I am now calm and can often become peaceful again. Sleeping with tape is still going well.

Mariette, 4314 May 2019


I have asthma and that’s why I took the course. Everything was explained easily and understandably, and when you’ve planned the practice well in your schedule, it’s easy to make it a standard routine. Buteyko has helped me in the long term to better control my breath and prevent an asthma attack. I can definitely recommend it to others as it helps you relax, breathe better and prevent an asthma attack.

Gina, 1522 January 2019


Due to stress symptoms and not being able to control my breathing during stress, I took the course in December 2018. Lisa explains the theory very well, which makes you understand what is happening in your body. I find this very helpful to do the exercise and to know what you are doing the exercise(s) for and what is happening. Practicing takes quite some time, but it quickly braught me a lot. I also integrate the exercises during cycling, working or meetings. The result is that I have much less stress. And if I feel stress, I can control my breathing with a (short) exercise, by which the tension reduces or disappears. I would definitely recommend this course to others with the same symptoms. The exercises are simple and they have results; for some may be a bit faster than for others, but you solve symptoms without medication and that is always better.

Heske, 4819 January 2019


I took the Buteyko course in October 2018. I suffered from snoring and was quickly out of breath when exercising and doing sports. I am very satisfied with the clear explanation and guidance by Lisa, the professional course manual and the other products you get. I thought the exercises are doable. You have to make time for it consistently, otherwise it won’t do you any good. I did, and I was amazed at how fast I was making progress. I have little trouble snoring anymore and I keep breathing through my nose much easier during the day. Doing sports is easier and I can calm down my breathing faster. During fitness training in the gym I sometimes see others gasping a while, which I deliberately do not.

Man, 7210 January 2019

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