Trudy (61 jaar)

A few months ago, I decided to start with Buteyko, which was recommended to me by a friend who had gotten rid of his asthma symptoms. Although I am also familiar with respiratory problems, I mainly hoped to find a solution for my snoring. Which I don’t mind, but my husband does. To my surprise, taping my mouth to keep it closed turned out to significantly reduce the number of decibels, and I slept like a rose. I am now trying to tackle other health issues with this breathing therapy, and to lower my stress level, among other things. I think it’s quite a tough therapy because you have to incorporate the exercises into your daily life in some way. Sometimes, that is a challenge, but fortunately Lisa has useful tips. I am very happy that I have started with Buteyko. Lisa is an excellent therapist who explains the exercises and the ideas behind the therapy well and also keeps an eye on the practical application in your life. As a result, objectives remain realistic.

Female Trudy (61 jaar)

14 January 2022