Heske (48 jaar)

Due to stress symptoms and not being able to control my breathing during stress, I took the course in December 2018. Lisa explains the theory very well, which makes you understand what is happening in your body. I find this very helpful to do the exercise and to know what you are doing the exercise(s) for and what is happening. Practicing takes quite some time, but it quickly braught me a lot. I also integrate the exercises during cycling, working or meetings. The result is that I have much less stress. And if I feel stress, I can control my breathing with a (short) exercise, by which the tension reduces or disappears. I would definitely recommend this course to others with the same symptoms. The exercises are simple and they have results; for some may be a bit faster than for others, but you solve symptoms without medication and that is always better.

Female Heske (48 jaar)

19 January 2019